Tour guide crushed under train

A 36-year-old Taiwanese tour guide died on Saturday after jumping from a slowing train and falling onto the rails below as it pulled into a station in Kanchanaburi.

Police in Sai Yok district arrived at the Tham Krasae station around 2pm to find a crowd of Thai and foreign tourists looking at the man's body on the rails beside the platform. After an initial examination, his body was brought to Sai Yok Hospital.

Police said Lin Yung-pei had been leading about 30 Taiwanese tourists on a trip from the Don Rak station in Muang Kanchanaburi district to the Sak Yok Noi waterfall.

As the train was pulling into Tham Krasae station to pick up more passengers, he decided to jump onto the platform. Unfortunately the strap of the bag around his neck got caught on a steel handrail and he was pulled onto the track beneath the train. He was crushed to death before the eyes of the horrified tourists.

Police reported the incident to the man's relatives through Taiwanese diplomats and said they would double-check the cause of death.

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