Assets declaration necessary: Poll

A majority of people think it is necessary for holders of political positions to declare their assets and liabilities in order to prevent corruption and show sincerity, according to an opinion survey conducted by the National Institute for Development and Administration (NIDA).

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The poll was conducted on Aug 14-15 on 1,241 people aged 18 and above of various levels of education and differing occupations.

The high majority of respondents, 87.91%, 88.64%, 87.51%, 83.32% and 92.10%, said it was necessary for members of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), National Legislative Assembly (NLA), National Reform Council (NRC), constitution drafting committee (CDC) and NCPO-installed government respectively to declare their assets and liabilities.

The majority of the respondents also said it was necessary for registered spouses, unregistered spouses, former spouses, children under 20 years of age, children 20 years of age and over, adopted children, parents and siblings of members of those organisations to do likewise. 

Emphasis, however, is on registered spouses and children 20 years of age and above.

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