M79 rounds fired at Yala police station

Three M79 grenades were fired at Bannang Sata district police station in Yala province on Saturday night, but all missed the target.

Pol Col Chatchai Chanasit, the Bannang Sata police chief, said the incident occurred at 9.30pm.

The first M79 grenade hit the edge of the roof of the living quarters of Pol Capt Oranat Jitrawaeng, an officer at Bannag Sata police station. The second hit the edge of the roof of a nearby house behind the central mosque. The third round landed on a concrete road in the same area.

From a police investigation, it was believed the M79 grenades were fired by militants hiding in a rubber plantation on the right side of the Pattani River opposite Bannang Sata market.

The Bannang Sata police station had been targeted in M79 attacks before. On May 11 last year, six M79 grenades landed at Bannang Star market near the police station, damaging a number of houses.

On Feb 16 this year, three M79 grenades landed in the compound of the living quarters of Anirut Bua-on, an assistant district chief, causing damage to the building.

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