NCPO pledges to declare assets

Members of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will soon declare their assets and liabilities to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), Paiboon Kumchaya, the assistant army chief and head of the council's law and judicial affairs branch, said on Sunday.

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Gen Paiboon made the announcement after calls mounted for NCPO members and other political administrators responsible for reforming the country to declare their assets for the sake of transparency.

The move comes after an NACC meeting on Thursday concluded that members of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) were required by the National Anti-Corruption Act to submit declarations of their assets and liabilities to the anti-graft body and reveal them to the public, in the same manner as lawmakers. They are required to disclose the information to the NACC by Sept 7 — within 30 days of being sworn into office on Aug 8.

Gen Paiboon said everyone who is performing a duty on the council must have courage and honesty for the sake of the country, according to reports. He said NCPO members will file asset and liability statements before taking up their posts and while in office for the past three months. He did not give a date to declare the assets.

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