NCPO not required to declare assets

There is no legal requirement for members of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to declare their assets and liabilities to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, said NACC secretary-general Sansern Polchiak.

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Mr Sansern said this in responding to an interview in wihch Gen Paiboon Khumchaya, an assistant army chief and an NCPO member in charge of legal and judicial affairs, said that NCPO members were ready to declare their assets and liabilities to the NACC.

There is no law requiring NCPO members to do so, he said.

NCPO members can submit a declaration if they wish to show their sincerity, but their declarations will not be made public.

The NACC Act of 2009 clearly stipulates who is required to do so - such as holders of political positions and certain high-level state officials - and whether their declarations can be revealed to the public, Mr Sansern said.

To the question whether members of the National Reform Council, which has yet to be set up, are required to declare their assets, Mr Sansern said since members of the reform council of 2006 were not required to do so the NACC would have to consult the NRC secretariate  on this matter after it has been set up.

Panthep Klanarongran, the NACC chairman, said that NCPO members are not required by the law to declare their assets.  But if any of them were appointed to the cabinet, it would be compulsory for them to do so, he added.

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