Hua Hin beach cleanup: Day 1

Twenty-two food vendors whose stalls encroached on Hua Hin beach began dismantling their illegal structures on Monday as authorities launched a campaign to return the beach to its natural beauty and ensure fair food prices.

The vendors started to pull down their stalls and pack up cooking equipment in the morning. Soldiers and city cleaners helped them remove large items such as framework and refrigerators. 

Pian Komolsilp, one of the 22 operators, said she hired 10 workers for 300 baht each and began to dismantle her outlet on Sunday evening. It took them only a few hours to finish the task. There were only wooden boards, posts and some other stuff still to be taken away, she said. 

A “big cleaning” is planned to follow the demolition of the illegal stalls, which is expected to take about five days.

The 22 shop owners will continue their businesses in designated areas that are farther from the beach. They have been admonished to strictly follow regulations to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of their operations. 

The conditions include selling certain dishes at median prices agreed by the vendors and authorities. 

Reports said the trial run of the median sales price was from Friday to Sunday, and there was good feedback from both local and foreign visitors. 

Some food vendors in nearby Takiab and Hua Don beaches, the next targets of the beach cleanup, have also begun taking down their illegal outlets.   

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