Govt poll: 70.6% support for NCPO

A big majority of people support the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) a survey shows, according to a press release from the office of the spokesman for Government House.

The survey was commissioned by the Office of the Prime Minister's Secretariat and National Statistical Office to gather the people's opinion on the NCPO performance, the statement said.

The results of the survey were:

The majority of people follow news on the NCPO from televised statements, announcements and orders read by the team of NCPO spokesmen.

What the people want the present administration to do most is, in order of priority - reorganisation of social order; eradication of influential persons, act against illegal drugs and crime; be serious about law enforcement; and make politics corruption free, the statement said

The people were most satisfied with the NCPO's payment of oustanding money to farmers for pledged rice, action against destruction of natural resources, and providing low-interest loans for farmers.

Of the people surveyed, 70.6% supportd the NCPO while 27.4% were non-partisan, and 2.0% opposed to the NCPO.

Nationwide, most of the people surveyed wanted the NCPO to prioritise controls on consumer prices and end corruption and drug abuse, and crackdown on illegal weapons.

The people in Bangkok and the Central Region placed emphasis on ending corruption, followed by controls  of prices of consumer goods and suppression of drugs and other crime, the statement said.

The northern and southern people want edthe NCPO to give the priority to tackling the problems of low farm prices, followed by controlling the price of consumer goods and ending corruption.

The northeastern people wanted the NCPO to hold elections as soon as possible, solve the problem of low farm prices and control the price of consumer goods, according  to the government press release.

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