Frustrated students repair village road

About 100 school children in Phimai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province could finally wait no longer for local authorities to repair their potholed road - and so joined with local villagers in making repairs themselves on Tuesday.

Pupils from Ban Non Phutsa and Ban Non Chong Long schools, together with residents of Krachon sub-district in Phimai, repaired the five-kilometre, heavily potholed Krachon-Dongyai road that provides access to their villages.

The damage to the tarmac road had became even more severe this rainy season, so local people and children brought baskets, hoes. mattocks and shovels to spread gravel and dirt to fill in the holes as a makeshift solution.

The road stretches along an irrigation canal and is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Rural Roads. The department is seeking a 20 million baht budget for the repairs, but does not expected to receive the funds until early next year.

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