Poll: People satisfied with NCPO

A poll has found people are satisfied with the performance of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) over the past three months, Bangkok University said on Saturday.

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The university based the results on telephone interviews with 1,259 people nationwide on Aug 19 and 20, three months after the military staged the May 22 coup.

The overall results showed respondents gave the junta a score of 6.9 points out of 10 for overall performance, 7.69 for handling national security, 7.44 for law enforcement, 7.0 points for social affairs and quality of life, 6.34 for the economy, and 6.0 for foreign affairs.

The survey also found that 92.4% of the respondents were highly impressed with campaigns to suppress narcotics and illegally possessed weapons.

The university noted that similar surveys undertaken during the two-year terms of former prime ministers Yingluck Shinawatra and Abhisit Vejjajiva produced scores of only 4.49 points (in August 2013) and 3.82 (in December 2010) respectively for overall performances.

It also said that the NCPO scored higher than the past two governments in all areas of work.

Apart from narcotics and arms suppression, 88.6% of the respondents praised the NCPO's efforts to suppress human trafficking and 85.2% supported its payments to fvarmers for pledged rice. The NCPO's least appreciated policy was cutting lottery market prices, the pollsters said.

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