Most not interested in sitting on NRC

Most eligible people are not interested in being nominated for selection to the National Reform Council (NRC), according to an opinion survey conducted by the National Institute for Development Administration - or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,248 people aged 35 and over throughout the country to find out if they were interested in being nominated to sit on the NRC.

Most of those surveyed, 78.12%, said they were not interested and 11.14% said they were not certain. Only 10.26% said they were interested while 0.48% were not interested at all.

Asked whether they had confidence in the transparency of the process of selecting members of the NRC, 21.4% said they had a lot of confidence, 30.21% had moderate confidence, 27.91% had little confidence, 12.26% had no confidence and 8.17% had no comment.

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