Nominations for NRC near 2,000

Almost 2,000 people have been nominated for selection to the National Reform Council (NRC), with the figure expected to reach the target of 3,000 by Sept 2 when applications close, Election Commission secretary-general Puchong Nutrawong said on Sunday.

Mr Puchong said as of Sunday, the 11th day of nominations, 1,930 people had been nominated for selection.

The figure likely would surpass the target of 3,000 as required by Sept 2, he said, allaying fear that the number of candidates would be fewer than that.

Mr Puchong urged juristic entities to pick their candidates now without having to wait until the last three days. The period for registration of candidates was set for Aug 14-Sept 2.

On the selection of NRC members in the energy sector, the number of candidates was 24 so far, or 26 short of the 50 required. Mr Puchong admitted there were not many peopole knowledgeable in this field, but he believed in the end there would be more than 50 people nominated.

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