Temporary healthcare staff upgraded

The Public Health Ministry will regrade 7,547 temporary employees nationwide as civil servants, with benefits, and will recruit another 1,300 people to fill vacant positions.

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Vachira Pengchan, deputy permanent secretary of public health, said the ministry expected to upgrade 90% of those temporary employees who have met the ministry’s qualifications requirement to the status of civiil service official on Friday.

The placement of the remaining 10% will be done in parallel with the recruiting of another 1,300 officials to fill vacancies. This should be done by October.

The ministry will apply existing criteria in recruiting new officials, based on the workload in each field, the size of the population within their responsibility and logistics considerations such as the opening of new hospitals or healthcare offices in rural areas. 

Dr Vichara said the objective was to ensure continuous service to the public. The ministry plans to recruit another 7,547 officials with  funds allocated in the 2015 fiscal budget, which becomes effective on Oct 1.

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