Chula dismisses needy student rumours

Chulalongkorn University has dismissed online rumours that it prohibited a student from selling sandwiches on campus to help pay his sick mother's bills.

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A picture of the student selling snacks went viral on social media this week.

A tweet claimed Inthat Sattayanurak, a communication arts sophomore, needed 150,000 baht a month to cover the medical bills of his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer.

A Manager Online reporter had an appointment to interview him on Friday but when the reporter showed up, a university official told them Mr Inthat was meeting the university's executives to discuss the issue.

The official said the university's president had prohibited him from talking to the press, saying what he did might tarnish the image of the university.

According to him, the president was concerned his action would reflect badly on the school as people would think the university allowed one of its students peddling snacks on campus without lending a hand.

On Saturday, Thai media reported that Assoc Prof Thanit Thongthong, a vice-president for student activities, said the president had never prohibited the student from giving interviews.

"The university never has a policy to conceal the 'good deeds' of its students as what Inthat does is noble and commendable.

"On the contrary, it reflects well on the university and shows we have students who think well and act well and who are grateful to their parents and responsible for their families.

"In short, Chula is proud of him. He's a role model for our students," he said.

As for assistance, the Communication Arts Faculty has helped Mr Inthat for over a year to help him cope with tuition, medical care and personal expenses.

The university also gave him advice on medicine and treatments.

Scholarships are also available for needy students, as well as aid from alumni and other agencies to help them complete their studies.  

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