LPG price for vehicles may rise

The Energy Ministry is likely to propose an increase in the price of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) for the transportation sector by 1.25 baht a kilogramme, to match the price of household gas for cooking.

The price of LPG in a cylinder for household usage is 22.63 baht a kilo, while vehicles get LPG from a gas station at 21.38 baht a kilo. The difference is 1.25 baht a kilo.

The price adjustment may be in one step, or by a gradual increase. 

A ministry source said price rise for LPG is one of measures the ministry will propose to the new cabinet for the restructuring of the energy sector. 

However, it is possible that around 20,000 taxis which run on LPG may still be able to refill at old price, as the ministry has prepared assistance measures such as offering a discount coupon. 

Chitsanupong Rungrojngamcharoen, president of LPG Traders Association, supported the price rice, saying it would  solve the problem caused by  people bringing in household cylinders to refill at a gas station.

The association was of the view the increase in vehicle LPG price would reduce the burden on the state oil fund collected from petrol users to subsidise LPG gas users.  

The National Concil for Peace and Order just on Thursday announced a cut in the contribution to the oil fund by petrol users, resulting in pump-price cuts of 1-3.89 baht a litre. 

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