Two soldiers seek justice from PM

Two soldiers from Lop Buri province have submitted a petition to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, seeking justice after they were involved in a car accident while on duty.

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Sgt Chao Khaoprateep, assistant information technology sergeant of the 31st infantry regiment, King's guard, filed the complaint with the People's Service Centre at the Prime Minister's Office in Bangkok on Monday.

He was hit by a position limousine of the regiment's commander on Nov 5, 2013 in front of his sign-making shop.

He was working on "For the nation, religion and King" signs for the regiment.

The sergeant had 10 broken ribs, a cracked shoulder blade and leg bone. His brains and lungs were also damaged to the extent he could no longer live normally.

His wife was also badly injured and one of his employees died in the accident.

The sergeant said his commander had never helped him or even mentioned the accident. Only the driver of the car paid for the shop and motorcycle repairs.

The sergeant claimed he was bullied into settling the case. As for the compensation he demanded, he was told he did not have to come to work at the regiment but could spend his time working at his shop.

When he filed a complaint with the Interior Ministry's Damrongdhama Center in Lop Buri, the centre did not accept it.

Cpl Songkran Mahawan, the driver of the car who came with Sgt Chao on Monday, said he had done his best to help the victims but the commander forced him to take all the responsibilities and told him to perjure himself by saying he took the car out on his own although he was ordered to do so by the commander.

He was also forced to borrow 850,000 baht from a cooperative to pay for the damages with a 15-year repayment period.

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