BTS dismisses water seepage fears

A video clip showing water leaking into a BTS car has prompted the skytrain operator to give public assurances of safety for passengers.

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A video clip on YouTube shows water seeping into a BTS train. (Video by vivi LS)

The 7-second clip บีทีเอส#IceBucket !! posted on YouTube on Tuesday showed water entering a carriage through a gangway of the carriage. Comments on the clip said it took place in car No.3123 on the night of Sept 2.

Surapong Laoha-Unya, executive director of Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc, said on Wednesday that the water could have entered the car through the air-conditioning system as it had rained heavily on that day.

He said the water would not cause safety problems for passengers even though the clip had stirred fears of an electrical short circuit.

"I can assure the safety of passengers," he said.

Officials will check the car after the train service ends at midnight and will submit a report on Thursday, he added.

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