Victim seeks justice for 2002 assault

A 27-year-old woman who was assaulted while at junior high school and became paralysed has sought help from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) after her case had dragged on for 12 years and some of the culprits were still at large.

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Achariya Ruangrathana, president of The Club to Assist Victims of Crime, took Saifon Manoi to the CSD headquarters on Wednesday to demand justice.

Ms Saifon said the assault occurred on Jan 28, 2002, when she was in Mattayom 2 (grade 8) at a school in Bang Pli district in Samut Prakan province. A friend was being beaten up by seven senior female pupils and she had tried to break up the fight and help her. The attackers then targeted her. She was assaulted by the group and sent to hospital in a critical condition. 

She underwent emergency surgery after a doctor diagnosed her with spinal cord infections. After being treated for seven months, she could not walk and has been paralysed ever since. 

Bang Pli police took charge of the case but not much progress had been made even though the Samut Prakan Province Court issued arrest warrants for the seven women in 2009. Only four of them had surrendered and offered compensation. 

Ms Saifon said the other three wanted suspects, who were the “main attackers” were still at large. One of them was a daughter of a police officer in the province, she said.

Ms Saifon demanded justice and appealed to police to bring in the offenders for punishment. 

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