Home comforts

If you do your own cooking, you will save money and waste while avoiding the dangers from some street food

HEALTHY OPTION: If you wash it yourself, phak boong can be clean and safe.

When you see a country housewife picking krathin shoots along the fence bordering her property and gathering pea-sized eggplants called makhuea phuang, she'll probably tell you that she is going to pound up some nam phrik (chilli dip sauce).

If you see her buying sadao (neem tree shoots) and catfish, you'll hear that she is going to make grilled catfish to be eaten with the sadao and nam plaa waan (a sweet-salty-spicy sauce).

Should she be picking green taling pling and tender tamarind shoots from trees near the house, she may tell you she planning to make kaeng kathi sai plaa kluea (a coconut cream curry with semi-dried fish) with the two freshly picked ingredients added.

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