Good grapes and great food

Padron peppers with chorizo, maldon salt and smoked pimento. Photos courtesy of Riedel

The setting: Dimly-lit Riedel exudes the oaked feels of a swanky cellar, with one side lined with state-of-the-art wine dispensing and preservation systems that store a carefully curated and rotating selection of Riedel's 250 labels. Originally a wine glass company dating back to 1756, Riedel's known for producing those super elegant handmade glasses that complement and unleash the magic encapsulated in its bottles. Stepping into Riedel is thus like stepping into a classy sipping experiment that you end up carrying out on yourself, or with others. "Which bottle should I choose?" "Which glass-shape complements this bottle best?" "What is it about this particular shape of glass that brings out the earthy characteristics of bottle X?" "Which one should follow?" "Which one goes well with such-and-such-a-dish?" "How many sips do I need before Y happens..." You thus become your own master of the grape, a makeshift connoisseur for an evening. Of course, you're guided by sommeliers who know what they're doing, so you know who to blame if it all goes heads up.


White anchovies with grilled pear and lemon oil.

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