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The setting: The Setting Paradise comes with different names for different people: Heaven, Shangri-La, Krispy Kreme, you name it. But for Bangkok's gamers and nerds, it's called Game Over. Equipped with consoles, PCs, and a huge assortment of board games and party games, Game Over has been a cool hangout place for both gamers and noobs alike. Recently, it held a grand reopening and added some perks to its already impressive location. There's an extended "club area" for those who want thumping music to go along with their night as well as a playground area for the younger ones who don't really know their way around a PS4 yet. But the highlight of all these additions could arguably be the fact that they now have a bar and a kitchen that allows them to have a full-blown menu of utter deliciousness.

The Menu

The spread Game Over offers has a pretty wide variety, brought to light by the size of its menu. Therefore, you're covered, whether you're there to have something to munch on while slowly destroying your friendships over UNO or to have an actual meal. Along with the dishes, they've also got a pretty wide selection of drinks too.

Game Over's sandwiches and burgers section takes up the biggest part of the menu. According to the waiting staff who are extremely friendly, customers usually get the classic and conventional Cheeseburger (B340). But this is Guru. We're weird. So we went for something a little unconventional. The first one was the Foie gras burger (B590), and yes, you read that right. While there is a small piece of foie gras served with the burger along with some onion rings, there's also foie gras mixed with the succulent beef patty. Don't worry, it doesn't give off a strong flavour, nor does it ruin the burger. We would have loved it if the onion rings had a dip of some sort, but the burger is the star of the dish, so it's not that big of a deal.

The second quirky dish we had from the sandwich and burger section was the Pumpkin feta open sandwich (B220). If you're asking yourself what pumpkin is doing on a sandwich, you're not alone. We asked ourselves the same thing. But you know what? It works. It's a little sweet to the taste but not so overpowering that it'll turn you off.

Continuing on our quirky dish journey, we went on to try the Salmon popper (B280), one of Game Over's salads. We were warned, however, that though this was under "Soup & Salads", it was more of a "cheat salad", and we soon understood why. At first glance you notice the fried salmon with dried tomatoes; then you suddenly realise that tortilla chips also accompany it for a little bit of crunchiness, along with a smattering of smoked chilli island dressing. Weird? Yes. Delicious? You bet.

Malted Shakes.

The entrées had us stumped for a while. The pork ribs (B320) and beef ribs (B530) were enticing, but we succumbed to the call of Game Over's signature Mac n cheese (B250). We were not disappointed. Served with a side of crispy bacon that we now realise had to be crushed and sprinkled on top of the dish, the mac n cheese is covered with thick, stringy cheese that's just heavenly.

For its pastas, we ordered the Pan-fried lasagne with marinara sauce (B360). There was an unexpected freshness as we dug into this dish, thanks to the marinara sauce, and the beef nestled between the lasagne was juicy. Oh, and it's covered with cheese, and it's a fact that cheese makes everything better.

To top it all off, we had two of Game Over's signature malted shakes: the Game changer (B280), which is the chocolate-flavoured shake, and the Choc-Butter blast (B280), which is chocolate and peanut butter-flavoured. The rich, thick consistency of the shakes were perfect. They weren't so thick that your jaw got too tired from sucking too much, and not too watery. Each shake was packed with flavour and came chilled in a large metal glass.

Our suggestion for an American diner-like meal? Get a burger, the mac n cheese, and one of Game Over's malted shakes. Proceed to have your mind and taste buds blown away. Thank us later.

Insider's Tip

Game Over opens early on weekends and serves breakfast all day. If you want to go with friends and basically have the place almost all to yourself, Sundays and Tuesdays are the least busiest days. Also, it's only B100 for a lifetime membership, so sign up and you can get rad offers like free console gaming for two hours when you order B1,000 worth of food.

Value and Verdict

You get your money's worth for whatever dish you order and you get to enjoy your choice of entertainment, whether it be music, gaming, board games, or even just the company of your friends. We're beyond thrilled Game Over has an even more legit menu now and we're sure we'll be back there to get our nerd on. 

Pumpkin feta open sandwich.

Pan-fried lasagna with marinara sauce.

Foie gras burger.

Salmon popper.

Game Over Lounge

Western and Thai
Tue-Fri 5:30pm-2am, Sat-Sun 11:30am-2am
Liberty Plaza, Thong Lor


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