While the kitties NAP, we nibble

Cat Up Café Silom meow-comes the summer with refreshing bingsus

Over the past few years, animal cafes have proven to be a thing in Thailand, judging by the number of ones operating in Bangkok and major provinces like Chiang Mai and Phuket. And cat cafes are the first subset of this group that have pawed their way into purr-pularity (two puns intended).

We visited the second branch of the two-storey Cat Up Café in Silom to try out its new set of desserts, featuring a wide array of fresh tropical fruits and also, more importantly, to play with those cute kitties. There are less than ten cats in the mezzanine playroom, ranging from short-haired ones to those with luxuriously long hair. If you've been to a cat cafe before you know it takes some work to get some feline attention and it really was no different here. Shaking a toy is your best bet, obvi.

There's no extra fee to play with the fur balls so long as you order something to eat or drink. A group of three can order two things, for instance. We recommended finishing what you order at the cafe downstairs before you proceed to play with them. Well, it only makes sense. You don't want your bingsu to be topped off with some British Shorthair's hair, do you?

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