Sushi goodness

Suki sake nigiri and Sake black pearl nigiri.

The Setting: Only a month old, Masu may seem like a typical hole in the wall resto. About a minute or two walk inside of Sukhumvit soi 39, the restaurant's small space may lead you to underestimate it. We certainly did. But never judge a restaurant by its size, because if there's one thing we can certainly say about this new, small sushi place, it's that it delivers.

The restaurant only seats a few people and there are no gimmicks or special décor that would necessarily be attractive to the eyes. In fact, the whole setting and feel could be summed up as simple -- and that's not a bad thing. The owner herself has stated that she wanted the restaurant to feel homey, and it certainly does.

However, Masu doesn't play around with its dishes. We were delighted to discover that if anything, this restaurant offers legit sushi goodness for its patrons.

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