That's the way the cookie crumbles

The Cookie Monster Burger is taking care of business

Among the many food stalls of W District one should keep an eye out for the food stand with TCMB.CO written in big blue letters overhead. This is home to The Cookie Monster Burger (TCMB). These handmade burgers come in two sizes, the first being regular (ranging from B140 for pork to B220 for beef patty with bacon), also known as a smash burger, a variety made popular in the United States. The patty is cooked and pressed on the grill, which expands the surface area of the burger, allowing for a solid pile-up of toppings.

The second size is the aptly named Monster size. With this size variation, try the Double decker bacon cheeseburger (B360), a massive beef monstrosity piled high with a tower of tomatoes, coleslaw, a choice of sauce and of course crispy strips of bacon.

This month, TCMB is welcoming two new smash burgers to the menu that we had the pleasure of trying before their official release. The first is the Sichaun beef burger (B180 for the month of August), a quarter pound of beef, with double orders of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, warm caramelised onions, all of which are lathered in Sichaun sauce.

The second burger concoction is the sweet and tangy Aloha burger (also B180 for the entire month of August). It's a quarter pound patty packed with tomato, lettuce, sweetly sautéed mushrooms, thousand island dressing and covered in parmesan cheese sauce.

For the price, it's worth stopping by to check TCMB out. Also on the menu are french fries, which are a big hit as a side. Many customers stopped by for an order during our short visit. Choose from normal French or thick Belgian steakhouse fries, available in small (B50), medium (B100) and large (B150) portions and Cheese fries (B70, B140, B210) if you really feel like digging in. The fries might be on point, but what makes TCMB complete are the variety of homemade sauces. Straying away from the mundane, choose from spicy mayo, garlic aioli, parmesan, thousand island and wasabi. Believe it or not, the wasabi was our favourite. It was pretty far out, surprisingly delicious and had a well balanced kick of wasabi at the end of each bite.

The Cookie Monster Burger (TCMB.CO) is on the southeast corner of W district food park, on Sukhumvit Soi 69/1, by Phra Khanong BTS Station. Open daily from 5pm- 12pm. For more info, call 097-101-5046 or check out


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