Anyway, here's Chimney Cake Wonderland

The Hungarian pastry-dessert-done-right is finally in Bangkok!

If you haven't heard, seen, or tasted chimney cakes, we don't blame you. But it's a completely different story in Hungary, where chimney cakes are basically everywhere and nothing new. However, Bangkok has been deprived of this European delicacy. Thankfully, Chimney Cake Wonderland is here to change all that.

Right now, Chimney Cake Wonderland is simply a small stall over at W District in Phra Khanong. But what with the quality they're serving, we hope that they start blowing up and opening up more stores all around Bangkok. Like what we said, Bangkokians may be unfamiliar with chimney cakes. But it pretty much looks like what you'd imagine it to be -- a pastry with a gaping hole in the middle that if cooked correctly is a little hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Chimney Cake Wonderland's, um, chimney cakes are baked to perfection. Yes, we realise that's saying a lot, but they truly are. You can get the original chimney cakes (B70) with cinnamon sugar or coconut as well as having Nutella spread on the inside for an additional B10. But whichever you go for, the chimney cake is always served hot and delicious. It's also pretty fun to eat because you basically could unravel the pastry like a screw.

Now the original chimney cakes by themselves are already delicious treats, but Chimney Cake Wonderland levels it up with a few twists. One of their unique versions is the Chimney sushi (B100). The gaping hole in the middle has a banana and Nutella and it's topped with banana sauce. This is the sweetest sushi we've tried thus far and probably not the healthiest. But we're not complaining and we're definitely going back to get us some more.

But Chimney Cake Wonderland's crowning glory would have to be its ice cream-filled chimney cakes. We've already raved about how good the chimney cake itself is, and the same goes for its homemade ice cream. It comes in two sizes: small (B90) and large (B150). Fair warning: the large is definitely for two people, so don't go underestimating these. We tried the Banana brownie wonder and the presence of the ice cream, the banana, the brownie, the Oreo cookies, and yet even more Nutella just brings the chimney cake to a whole new different level.

Bottom line: rejoice, Bangkokians. We finally have legit chimney cakes onsite. It's bad news for our waistline but we really couldn't care less.

Chimney Cake Wonderland is at W District at Phra Khanong and opens every day except Mondays. Visit for more info.


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