Brave and beautiful

Dani Larson

Born in Chicago and adopted by her family at three days old, Dani spent the first 10 years of her life living in Chicago before she moved to Thailand — aged 11 — with her parents and five siblings. Now 24, Dani calls Thailand her home and works for the Thai community in a way not many have the right amount of compassion for. Read about her story.

Tell us about what you and your family do.

We came to Thailand as missionaries and we still are. We work with at risk and troubled women specifically. When we founded the Thai Restoration Community Development Foundation -- also known as "The Well" -- in 2009, we immediately focused on troubled women because we saw what a severe and inadequately unaddressed problem this was in Thailand. "Troubled" in this instance means those who have a particular background that puts them at risk of abuse or exploitation. Some women may have already participated in the commercial sex industry or have sold themselves privately.

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