Lip-smacking options

Go red for White Day


Missed the chance to show your love on Valentine's Day? Never fear, with White Day just around the corner, on March 14. Although mostly celebrated only in the East Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan, it's the perfect justification, should ladies need an excuse to finally proclaim their love, to make things a little special for the SO or to officially return the favour for what the mister did back on Feb 14.

There's also no better day than this to break out the really popping lipstick colours that you wouldn't usually wear. We narrow your options to only the big hits on the market right now. For the creamy picks, The Face Shop's Moisture Touch includes moisturising serums in a whole new range of colours. What we can't wait to get our hands on is Clinique's collab with Crayola though, which has their Chubby Stick lip colour balm looking like the iconic crayons. Hourglass also offers a crayon-shaped lip stylo with girl-power names this spring. Meant to empower all women, take your pick from their shades such as Achiever, Leader and Idealist.

On the other hand, lip stains and "tattoos" are the hottest must-haves make-up houses are churning out this season. Kiss-proof, food-proof and waterproof, you can be smacking your lips all day with these options without having to take timeout to reapply. What's to love about these tattoos are they don't dry out your lips, don't leave any stains anywhere after they've dried on your lips and feel lighter than wearing the actual lipstick -- all without having to sacrifice any of the colour pigment. You can kiss 100 times and Nudestix's Matte lips won't leave any trace of evidence anywhere. If you want a wand applicator, Tarte's and Sephora's selection require a little more time to dry, but its delightfully cool texture makes it all the more fun to put on.

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