Freinds in need

Bella is a two-year-old female dog. She is fully vaccinated and neutered. She has a lot of energy and likes to play with people. She has been trained to follow basic commands. She can also be a good guard dog.

Meji is a four-year-old poodle who was dumped at a shelter. She is trained to follow basic commands. She is fully vaccinated.

Mali was born in a shelter where most puppies could not survive. She and her friends need a loving home.

Contact details: Anyone interested in adopting one or more of these animals can contact Tharinee Wipuchanin, founder of Pic-A-Pet4Home, on 08-1451-2233 or 08-1551-2628, Facebook: PickAPet4Home-Bangkok, email: or visit our website:

You may also help by donating things like old T-shirts, towels, pet carriers, food bowls, newspapers, buckets, cages and medicines or medical supplies.


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