Dragged by the heals

A Guru's Angel gets the Pangina Heals drag treatment and lives to tell the story

We did it. We've gone where no other BKK lifestyle publication has gone before for a story. We went drag. Nope, we didn't just stand on the sidelines, ask questions and admire. We went in, literally, as far as you can go, and experienced it first-hand for ourselves. And who else would we entrust with all the hair glue, glitter and lip-overlining other than the one and only leading Thai drag diva extraordinaire Pangina Heals.

Pangina Heals (Pan Pan Narkprasert). Photos Patipat Janthong

Working with Pangina, or Pan Pan Narkprasert, we had to play by his rules. That is, no looking at the mirror until the makeup was entirely finished, and you must have fun. To be honest, this was fairly easy to comply with, with Pan Pan right in front of you keeping you engaged the whole time. Two hours flew by faster than an episode of Girls. We went for a mermaid look in "clown drag" because our Guru guinea pig was already female, and because we needed to make something disproportionate. The result? Pure fabulosity. Two kilos heavier from the wig alone, our writer had transformed into a Gaga-esque sea creature, complete with an official drag persona: Ariel Ariolah.

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