A touch of spring


Sheer Aqua Stick Lips.

A wondrous double rainbow brings joy to whoever sees it and presumably Lunasol's spring 2017 collection gives cosmetic junkies the same feeling as the make-up is inspired by the meteorological phenomenon.

Created by Kanebo, the Lunasol series tends to echo the beauty of nature, such as the deep-blue sea, sand dunes and the Northern Lights. This season, the double rainbow has been translated into a spectrum of vivid shades for the Lunasol Clear Skies Purification collection.

Kanebo Lunasol spring 2017 make-up look.

In nature, the optical illusion caused by light hitting water droplets displays two multicoloured arcs. The dimmer and wider secondary rainbow however has a reversed sequence of the seven colours, with violet on the outside and red on the inside.

Double-rainbow motif arcs on the Colourful Sky Eyes palette is available in four variations. The yellow-lilac palette is used in fashioning the spring look's eye make-up, by layering the sheer colours to give eyelids a translucent and dewy finish.

Used alone or with the eyeshadow palette, the Sheer Aqua Stick Eyes comes in five bright shades with sparkly pearls that can be popped on eyelids with fingertips. The outer corner of the eyes can then be defined by the Shiny Pencil Eyeliner in Grape, Sky Blue or Mint Green; while lashes can be as vibrant with a stroke of the limited edition mascara.

The double-ended Aqua Colouring Mascara provides two shades -- the darker colour for coating upper and lower lashes and the lighter one to accentuate the outer corners.

The eye make-up products have been designed to work together. For example, Mint Green eyeliner and Forest Green mascara can be co-ordinated with the blue-green eyeshadow palette, and with the Plum Pink mascara to nicely complement the yellow-lilac harmony.

Lips also have their own Sheer Aqua Stick in shades of orange, pink, coral and cherry red, with a sweep of the lipstick lending a lustrous and succulent pout.

Aqua Coloring Mascara.

Sheer Aqua Stick Eyes.

Colorful Sky Eyes palette.


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