Lip-smacking Dior colours


Dior Addict Lacquer Stick's four It-shades.

The bright Dior dress donned by the stunning Nittha "Mew" Jirayungyurn was matched with an equally shocking pink on her lips when the actress appeared at the launch of Dior Addict Lacquer Stick at Siam Paragon's Hall of Fame.

The Channel 3 star and Friend of Dior House normally doesn't wear such a bold shade. The latest lipstick collection, however, encourages her to break free from her comfort zone.

"Wearing the neon shocking pink on my lips is fun and brings out my playful character," said the affable actress, who rose to fame from the TV drama series Suparb Burut Chutathep.

Nittha Jirayungyurn in a playful mood.

Named Diabolo, the pop lip colour is one of the four It-shades from the 18 Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks grouped under four families according to the season's trends: Pastel, Neon, Classic and Wild. The other three It-shades include pinkish-beige Tease, intense raspberry-red Turn Me Dior and dark-chocolate Sauvage.

The palette draws inspiration from the energetic vibes and landmarks of Los Angeles, with some of the lacquer sticks named after locations such as Melrose Avenue, Sun Valley and Hollywood.

Hollywood Red is one of the red-carpet reds from the Classic options. Nittha, however, prefers a sweep of Turn Me Dior, also seen draping Jennifer Lawrence's lips in the campaign images.

"Wearing reds may seem daring but each woman can find a flattering and classic red that suits her," said Nittha.

The lacquer stick continues the Dior Addict saga that began in 2001. Targeting young women, the "upside down" lipstick encouraged an addiction to colours and shine.

Reformulations included a neo-lipstick featuring a hydra-gel-infused core with a super-shine topcoat; and an ultra-gloss version with volumising effect.

Creative and image director Peter Philips noted the setback of other lip lacquers in being heavy, sticky and uncomfortable. He then fashioned the new product as an easy-to-wear half-lacquer, half-lipstick.

Housed in a black-lacquered tube with pink neon accents, the hybrid formula offers the comfort of a hydrating balm without compromising on intensity or shine.

The extreme shine is due to a combination of ultralight and nourishing oils, chosen for their light-refractive index close to that of glass, and for their radiance-boosting abilities.

"Vivid colours along with the shine effect can brighten up the face," said Nittha.

"With a wardrobe of lipsticks, you can change colours according to mood and occasion while expressing a different side of your personality."


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