Looking cool when it's hot

What the fashion cognoscenti are wearing this season

What's hot from the Bangkok Fashion Society this spring/summer? First off, the season welcomes three new members to its exclusive fashion club: ASV, Patinya, and T and T. And it's about time, too, as these three labels are definitely up there with strikingly clear personalities -- making clothes that any society little miss, uber-feminine lady or cool kid would appreciate. That's not to say those outside the BFS umbrella aren't special, but many times it's this core group that's sought after by department stores to create the most-coveted limited-edition pieces or special projects. It also means that when this gang does cool shows, like the one presented at Siam Paragon last night, "The Spirit Of Thai Designers", you get to see your favourite brand come up with designs besides what's in stores.

The force is also strong with newcomer T and T. They've always scored a lot of points from us on the style radar and this season they are undeniably hanging on to their torch of cool with their collaboration with Double Goose T-shirts. This old-school brand is known for its comfortable Ts, and T and T dives into this old-guard producer's history to bring alive old logos and graphics. The white T is one of the must-haves the cool kids and fashion crowd are sporting, so grab one now and be deemed hip with flying marks. For those who need more oomph, there is a more intricate version, with green-and-red beaded embroidery overlaying the graphics. Of course, the top part is only half the battle -- how well you mix and match with other items can make or break the look. Since the T is such a raved-about piece this season, we round up the pieces from other members' collections this season that would match it perfectly.

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