A fresh spin on an old form

Vinyl records are enjoying a resurgence in popularity among nostalgic music lovers

the constant listener: Krid Chuenkham, the owner of We Love Turntable and avid vinyl collector. He's been selling records for ten years.

Operating a turntable takes patience and precision. There are several things to consider when handling the decks -- for starters, there is the placing of the needle, or stylus, on the right spot on the record. Then, there is making sure that the surface doesn't get scratched. Regular cleaning is also required to bring out the most optimal sound.

The device might be a hassle to master, but the one-of-a-kind organic sound of a vinyl record makes the whole process well worth it for many music lovers.

The classic music-spinning machine recently came back into style. The vinyl record market went quiet for a while until around five years ago when vintage fashion became popular. People started collecting things, from clothes to records, to remind them of the "good, old days".

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