Five things you need to know this week

1. This weekend head to Insanity nightclub for the third annual Bangkok Brawl, a charity boxing match meant to raise money for the Human Development Fund, a charity working to help orphaned and abused children in the Klong Toey slums. The event will consist of seven fights by "white collar boxers", who are charitable gentlemen who also enjoy boxing, with a main event that sees T J Chang take on Nazar Morez. Tickets cost 1,200 baht, while various tiers of ringside and VIP tables can also be bought starting at 7,700 baht (for six). Reservations can be made at 082-731-8885 or at

2. Those looking for a more traditional, low-key way of getting into the spirit of Songkran, the trendy Cacha Hotel will host a Flower Garland Class on Thursday. Besides the beautiful garlands that you can make yourself, the hotel will offer free waterproof mobile phone bags, because they know not everyone is looking to get wet on Songkran. How considerate!

3. Loved and dreaded by all in equal measure, the Thai New Year is always a lively time for Bangkok, with foam parties and poolside raves breaking out in every hotel and nightclub across the city. For those who can't wait to get started, The Overstay invites you to join their Pre-Songkran Madness party on Tuesday, a free-entry event perfect for those who want a head-start before the real festivities happen on Thursday. In true Thai fashion, the event will feature an energetic playlist of Molam music, before switching to trance on Wednesday.

4. Party animals should head to RCA on Wednesday for the Route 66 Summer Fest, a bombastic, five-day celebration of the Thai New Year. Besides the expected water fights, enjoy a concert from eight total artists, including the likes of Polycat, Silly Fools and Moderndog. Tickets cost 550 baht and will get you a treat from McDonalds.

5. The Foreign Correspondents Club will host another edition of their Documentary Film Night, screening The Wolfpack. Six American brothers have never been exposed to the world outside their Manhattan home, besides the films they watch and re-enact obsessively. The film follows the daily lives of the brothers, as well as their growing need to break out from the confines of their isolation. The screening begins at 7pm on Monday. Members watch for free and non-members pay 150 baht.

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