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Pezzo Pizzas are thick and generously stacked

Who doesn't love pizza? It's one of the most delightful comfort foods out there and a slice never fails to put a smile on your face. But pizza seems to be heavily commercialised now and what's difficult nowadays is finding a pizza that's unique. You could go get the usual ones that you order or perhaps you could go for the slightly pricier ones in one of those fancy restaurants. Thankfully, Pezzo is offering us something that falls in the middle of the two.

Originally from Singapore, the first thing that's obviously different about Pezzo's pizza is its size. Unlike the usual pizza joints that offer 12-to-13-inch pizzas, Pezzo boasts a 14-inch diameter pizza if you buy one whole box. And trust us, we got a lot of stares from people as we walked around carrying it. Another obvious difference with its pizza is the amount of toppings it has. The pizza is buried under a thick layer of toppings. It doesn't matter which flavour you get -- and they offer a variety of flavours. The pizza is thick with the crust and thick with the toppings. A few inches thicker and it could have been a deep dish pizza.

Size won't matter if the pizza doesn't taste good, but that's not the case with Pezzo. One of its crowd favourites is the Cheesy cheese -- pizza covered with thick, stringy cheese is always a good thing. Want to eat sort of healthy (emphasis on "sort of")? They've got the Very veggie pizza which comes with mushrooms, tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers, onions and cheese. Other flavours include a barbecue sauce concoction attractively named Big daddy as well as a local special: Tom yam fiesta. Not only are the toppings thick with every flavour, but the bread is equally delectable as well. It's the type of bread that will make you eat the whole pizza without leaving the crust behind.

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