Cool down with these skincare products

Sprays are the way to go


There's always that constant reminder to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water in this heat, but what's just as important is to extend that tender love and care to your skin too. Moisturise to keep your skin from drying up, as that is the main cause of wrinkles. A popular lifesaver that's all the rage now is the mineral water spray.

This year, you'll be seeing a handful of big make-up houses launching their own water spray, but there's many already on hand available from long-time skincare authorities, such as Vichy or Avene. It's not a bad idea to have one at your office, for instant refreshment when you're feeling worn out during the late afternoon.

Instantly refresh yourself with a spritz should you need a pick-me-up or after you've gotten back from lunch outdoors. As it may be a bit much to completely wash your face, the water spray will not only help you feel fresher, but its mineral properties also offer healing qualities if you've gotten burnt under the blazing Sun. What's pragmatic is these sprays can be used over make-up too -- just dab your face dry after you've sprayed it on.

The water not only sets your make-up to last longer, but it will also make the skin look more supple. This too can be the step before applying make-up, as it boosts your face's moisture so application of foundation is a smoother affair.

For heavier duty picks that won't feel cumbersome in the summer, go for lighter textured creams with refreshing ingredients such as cucumber and aloe vera. Jergens has both a quick-absorbing moisturiser and deep-conditioning moisturiser in stores that'll keep you hydrated all day long.

Izia (100 ml at 7,700 baht)

This romantic offering from Sisley evokes the feeling of a walk in the garden of a house in the heart of the French Loire valley. The gardens are filled with blooming roses, which is the heart of this floral and citrusy Izia fragrance. Other refreshing notes, such as pink pepper, bergamot, and the warm tones of cedar, amber and musks make this flowery scent sweet, yet fresh.

one summer (100 ml at 2,650 baht)

Calvin Klein's eau de toilette captures the fiery spirit of the desert. Bright and energetic, this is the scent for parties that last until sunrise. With a fragrance that is spicy, fruity and citrusy, one summer starts with the top notes of lime, citron and cucumber, before turning into a blend of fiery pepper and ending with guaiac wood, saffron and creamy musk.

Positif Bright & Soft Mineral Water Mist (380 baht).

Vichy Mineralizing Water (550 baht).

Avene Thermal Spring Water (750 baht).

Jergens Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturiser (95 baht).

Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser (295 baht).


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