Celebrate with Uncle Sam

Chef Jarunee cooks some American dishes with a Thai twist to mark Independence Day celebrations By Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai


For many people, July might meaning nothing more than marking half of the year has already passed. But for Americans, July means so much more.

July 4 is Independence Day -- a time to celebrate freedom and the birth of the nation. Since there are so many Americans living in Thailand, July is the month to celebrate the occasion even though they are outside the US.

To mark this special occasion, the United States' Department of Agriculture and alcohol importer Smiling Mad Dog are throwing an endless celebration for the whole month with American food made from top-quality imported ingredients straight from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Quaint, located on Sukhumvit Soi 61, just a short walk from Ekkamai skytrain station, is the host of this event. Since Quaint is known as the place where the community of food, drink and entertainment enthusiasts gather and hang out, it is the perfect venue to host this special event.

Since Quaint opened its doors to Bangkok hipsters a little bit more than a year ago, it has transformed the neighbourhood with its energetic vibe and drawn a lot of people to come to hang out. They also have their own signature dishes that people are crazy for, such as the scallop lava, grilled sea bass and the legendary grilled beef named sua rong hai (crying tiger).

The person behind these legendary dishes is 46-year-old chef Jarunee Potisan, who has more than 15 years' experience in the food industry in Thailand and beyond.

Chef Jarunee started her training at the Gaysorn Group where she learned her cooking chops. Then she slowly developed her skills cooking with different kitchens until she got her calling in Western cuisine. She has developed her Western cooking skills since.

Then she moved to work at a five-star hotel in Thailand before she landed a job in Dubai. She has been training long to understand what creates the magical moment when people put the perfect food in their mouth.

No matter how good and experienced she is in Western cooking, chef Jarunee knows in her heart that she is Thai. She can't easily ignore that Thainess when she is cooking. Since then she has started to cook some Western dishes with a Thai twist. The results of her experiments are what got her here today.

Chef Jarunee knows what can stimulate the taste buds for everyone. She uses her expertise in cross-cultural cuisine and combines it with passion and love of food to create magical flavours that can bring tears to the eyes of those who sample her food.

As part of Quaint's special celebration, chef Jarunee has created some of Uncle Sam's favourites with a Thai twist to show the collaboration of the two countries. The special part about this menu is that they are all made from top-quality imported beef, cheese, salmon and more.

Besides the regular menu that people are crazy for at Quaint, Jarunee has come up a new menu using top-notch ingredients from the States to mark this special occasion.

The dishes specially created for this festival are hamburger larb nue US, hamburger US beef, grilled US beef (sua rong hai), grilled US wild-caught salmon, US fries topped with California cheese, nachos topped with California cheese, and quesadillas with US beef and US salmon toppings.

From this mouth-watering repertoire, chef Jarunee would like to share two of the dishes specially created for the Independence Day bash -- sua rong hai and beef quesadillas. Both dishes use imported beef as the main ingredient.

The Independence Day celebration runs until the end of July at Quaint, Sukhumvit Soi 61. Besides the scrumptious fare, the festival also features a selection of craft beers.


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