Sin Sae Shogun and company plead not guilty

Pasist Arinchalapis, alias Sin Sae Shogun, (centre) and other defendants arrive at the Criminal Court in Bangkok on Friday. (Photo by Patipat Janthong)

Pasist Arinchalapis, aka Sin Sae Shogun, and nine other defendants on Friday entered pleas of not guilty in the Criminal Court to public fraud and other charges relating to membership of their online food supplement company.

The defendants were taken to the court from the Central Women's Correctional Institution and the Bangkok Remand Prison.

They face charges relating to their online business Wealth Ever, which attracted people to buy food supplement memberships worth 9,000-20,000 baht with the offer of free Asian tours. 

Instead about 1,000 people found themselves stranded at Suvarnabhumi airport on April 11, having discovered their promised tour to Japan had not even been booked.

The defendants, all relatives, were arrested the following day as they were about to leave the country through Ranong province.

On Thursday public prosecutors charged Sin Sae Shogun, 30, and the others with fraudulent borrowing, illegal business, computer crime, distributing food supplements with incorrect labels and customs offences of buying or accepting falsely declared imported goods.

The prosecutors also asked the court to order them to refund money to 871 damaged people, with 7.5% annual interest. Total damages were estimated at 51 million baht.

The defendants allegedly lured the plaintiffs to buy memberships between January and April in exchange for promised free trips to South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

The 10 defendants were taken to the court to enter pleas on Friday.

When asked, they all replied not guilty and said they would seek a lawyer to handle their defence in court.

The court set Sept 11 for the pretrial examination of evidence and witness lists.

Prosecutors opposed any temporary release of the 10 defendants on bail, saying there were many damaged people and their crime threatened economic and social systems. They are also seeking harsh sentences.

The defendants were returned to prison.

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