Fake lottery ticket hunt leads to Loei

Police are attempting to locate the source of fake lottery tickets after rounding up a gang at a temple fair in a campaign that sellers say has made some punters think twice before buying.

Police on Friday raided a house in Wang Sapung district of Loei province as they believed it was the production base for the fake tickets seized in Nakhon Pathom on Tuesday. However, they found only an empty house.

Neighbours said the owner, Jeerawat Weerarit, had collected all his belongings and left on Wednesday, Pol Col Seehadet Srakobkaew, superintendent of the Nakhon Chaisri police station in Nakhon Pathom told Thai Rath Online.

Investigators in Nakhon Chaisri had contacted police in Loei after arresting four people for possessing and selling more than 1,000 fake tickets at a temple fair at Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Chaisri on Tuesday.

Three of those arrested are natives of Wang Sapung, a district long known for lottery sellers who pursue their trade all over the country. The interrogations led to the raid at the house in Loei.

The crackdown came two days before Thursday's drawing and that affected some sellers.

Suthep Petchsuk, also from Wang Sapung, admitted he was having difficulty selling tickets in Khon Kaen after the news about the fakes came to light. "I have to guarantee to them that my lottery tickets are 100% real," he said.

Other sellers have urged the Government Lottery Office (GLO) to come up with measures to restore the confidence of buyers.

The GLO offers tips to check fake tickets, including no image of a bird of paradise on the paper, and ink that is not fully resistant to water. The ink pales when it comes in contact with water.

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