Majority agree with proposed merger of water agencies

A large majority of people agree with a proposal for agencies responsible for the management of water resources to be merged into a national water resources management office for better efficiency in solving problems of flooding and drought, according to the result of a survey by National Institute of Development Administration (Nida Poll).

Under the proposal, the prime minister would exercise his power under Section 44 of the 2014 interim charter to set up the national office for management of water resources. 

The survey to compile the people's opinions on this matter was carried out on Aug 31-Sept 1 on 1,250 people of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country.

58.0% of the respondents said they strongly agreed with the proposal, while another 27.04% supported it. These two groups said that with all agencies responsible for the management of water resources merged into one, water resources would be more effectively managed. 

Only 5.12% of the respondents strongly disagreed, saying that it would cause the management to be even more difficult and a further 3.76% also disagreed, saying existing agencies should be allowed to perform their duties. 6.08% were uncertain or had no comment.

Asked to name agencies which should be combined into the national office for the management of water resources (a respondent was able to list more than one agency), 71.92% cited the Royal Irrigation Department; 56.88% the Department of Water Resources; 56.72% pointed to all dams and reservoirs under the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand; 52.24% the Department of Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation; 53.68% the Thai Meteorological Department; 51.12% the Department of Groundwater Resources; 50.96% the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation; 50.56% the Marine Department; 49.84% the Provincial Waterworks Authority; and 49.60% the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority.

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