Owner 'killed dog for compensation'

Veterinarian Anongnart Sutatham looks at the frozen carcass of a Pomeranian that died under suspicious circumstances, after the animal was delivered to her pet hospital in Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima, on Friday. (Photos by Prasit Tangprasert)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: A dog owner in Muang district is suspected of deliberately poisoning to death at least one of his pets so that he could claim compensation from a pet transport company.

Veterinarian Anongnart Sutatham, owner of Centre Pet Hospital, on Friday said her staff received a call informing them of the arrival of a dog. About half an hour later, a man showed up with a dead dog. He demanded compensation from the driver of the pet transport firm hired to deliver the animal.

Ms Anongnart said the driver told her the Pomeranian was healthy and he had no idea how it had suddenly died. However, he did not touch the dog and asked that an autopsy be done on it.

The result showed more than 10 pills inside the dog's stomach -- the same type she saw in a bag of the owner, Ms Anongnart said.

The dog owner told her the pills belonged to him and he dropped them in a dust bin. She retrieved the yellow pills and found that they were blood pressure medication.

She said the driver told her the owner had fed his dog the pills but the owner claimed he had given his dog vitamin pills.

“Even if they were vitamins, more than 10 are too many for a two-kilogramme dog,” she said.

The owner could not show her a bottle or label of the pills and later stopped demanding compensation from the pet transport firm.

The veterinarian posted an account of the case on Facebook and afterwards another pet hospital in Nakhon Ratchasima informed her that the same man had shown up with another dead dog at the hospital, but an autopsy had not been done on the animal.

A source said that the dog owner was a medical student.

Kanthasit Kansap, a veterinarian with the Nakhon Ratchasima livestock development office, said his office was investigating to find out if an animal was tortured, and the pet owner would be called for questioning.

The pills collected from the dead dog's stomach

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