Myanmar fortune teller E Thi dies at home

Myanmar fortune teller E Thi, better known among her clients as ET, is pictured. (Bangkok Post file photo)

E Thi, one of the most famous fortune tellers in Myanmar, was reported to have died at her home on Sunday.

E Thi, 58, died at 4.20am (4.50am Thailand time) in Thingangyun town, and will be buried on Tuesday, the Eleven Media Group posted on its Facebook account. The cause of her death was said to be unknown.

The town is in the eastern part of the commercial hub Yangon.

E Thi's real name was Swe Swe Win. She was known among customers seeking her advice as ET.

Her clients reportedly included former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was said to have sought her advice on several occasions, including during the period when the former telecom tycoon was unseated by the military coup in 2006. Her Myanmar clients were said to include Gen Than Shwe when he was the prime minister.

E Thi was a deaf mute. Because she was unable to speak, she issued her advice through writing, while her sister helped her as a lip-reader and translator.

When E Thi visited Thailand in September 2012 to promote a TV mini-series, she refused to talk about Thai politics but admitted that several Thai clients had asked her to read their fortune.

Her visit to Bangkok came one year after Thailand was shattered by the great flood, and people were worried about a repeat. But she predicted that the country would not suffer another one that year.

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