New rail to snarl traffic

Scenes like this at the Ratchayothin intersection for Green Line construction will be even more common in 2018, warns Bangkok's Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand.

Traffic is expected to worsen on several city streets when the construction of three mass transit routes kick off next year, according to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA).

The MRTA has reviewed the construction plans of the mass transit system and identified four traffic hot spots: Lamsalee intersection, Min Buri intersection, Suwinthawong intersection, along with that entire road; and the Lat Phrao intersection.

MRTA adviser Theeraphan Tachasirinugune said these four spots and adjacent areas will be worst affected once construction of the Yellow Line, the Orange Line and the Pink Line begins.

The Yellow Line runs from Lat Phrao to Sam Rong in Samut Prakan, the Orange Line links the Thailand Cultural Centre to Min Buri and the Pink Line connects Khae Rai to Min Buri. A station will be built at Lamsalee intersection, where the Yellow Line and the Orange Line meet.

The Orange and Pink lines will intersect at the Min Buri intersection. The Suwinthawong intersection and that road will be affected by the construction of the Orange Line, which runs along the road.

The Lat Phrao intersection will be closed off to construct a section connecting two stations of the North Green Line, causing severe traffic jams. Mr Theeraphan said construction firms and consultants have been strongly advised to ensure safety at construction sites.

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