Local initiatives help to mitigate drought 

His Majesty the King's drive for efficient water usage pays off after slow start

A farmer in Nang Rong district of Buri Ram grows watermelon using water from a kam ling (monkey cheek) water retention pond under a royal initiative. (Photo by Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

Buri Ram: Water in communities across the nation will never run dry as long as residents rely on their abilities to manage water resources, Saman Lothong, a member of the Ban Limthong Water Management Network Committee says.

Ban Limthong, in the Nang Rong district of Buri Ram province, is recognised for its successful water management programmes based on His Majesty the King's initiatives. The royal initiatives, including kam ling, or monkey's cheek, water retention areas, are implemented along with other plans designed to ensure there is enough water during all seasons, particularly the dry season.

Ms Saman, a village chief at Ban Kok Phluang, which is next to Ban Limthong, said she had been working with the Ban Limthong water network for 20 years before bringing the water management initiative to her village.

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