Poll: Thai politics improving

A majority of people think the political situation in Thailand has maintained progress one year after the endorsement of the new constitution in a public referendum, according to the result of a survey by Bangkok University's research centre, or Bangkok Poll.

The poll was conducted on 1,217 people aged 18 and over throughout the country on Aug 8-9.

A majority of the respondents, 53.0%, are of the opinion that one year after the charter referendum Thai politics has been moving in a good direction. 20% think otherwise, saying they have not seen any progress, while 19.2% think it is moving back to the same old conflicts.

Asked whether they think the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) will be able to complete all the constitution's new organic laws according to the set timeframe, 45.3% said this is unlikely, adding that this will further delay the election; 34.1% believe the organic laws will be finished on time; and 20.6% were uncertain.

Asked whether they will exercise their right to vote if all the organic laws are completed before an election, a huge majority, 95.9% said they will definitely cast their votes; only 0.8% said "no"; and 3.3% were uncertain.

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