CDC's charter folk song 'skirts' issues

A mascot kicks off the Election Commission's public relations campaign for the Aug 7 referendum at the Centra Government Complex Hotel Wednesday.?(Photo by Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)

Social activists have slammed the Charter Drafting Committee's (CDC) folk song, released on Monday, to boost public interest in the draft constitution. They say it fails to reflect the substance of issues included in the draft, as well as the importance of the referendum process.

Core issues are hardly discussed in the lyrics, which do not promote a better understanding of the draft, nor the topics it covers, such as equality or education and health rights, says former National Human Rights Commission member Niran Pitakwatchara.

"The song has no depth, it is nonsensical and insults the people's intelligence," he argued. Dr Niran does not blame the songwriters or producers but asked the CDC to take responsibility for the reductive arguments in the song.

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