Uni wraps up probe into sports day banner

A student in a Yala Rajabhat University parade last Saturday carried a sign which said, 'May we call ourselves the people of Patani?', which many took as a signal for separation. (Photo via Waymarking.com)

The results of an inquiry into an incident in which a banner bearing what appeared to be a pro-separatist message was paraded during a recent sports day at Yala Rajabhat University are expected Tuesday.

The university launched the inquiry after a banner with the message, "May we call ourselves the people of Patani?" sparked outrage on social media as it was displayed in a parade on March 11. The university said the banner ran counter to the reconciliation image it strives to promote.

"Patani", referring to the historical Patani region, was a semi-independent Malay sultanate.

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