Wanted RKK bomb maker arrested in Yala

RKK suspect and alleged bomb maker Tuanpeng Tayong (centre) at the Southern Border Provinces Police Operation office, Yaha police station, on Tuesday. (Photo by Maluding Deeto)

YALA -- An RKK suspect wanted under two warrants in security-related cases was arrested in Yaha district on Monday night, police said.

Tuanpeng Tayong was apprehended in a joint operation involving about 50 police and soldiers, who surrounded and then entered house No 79/2 at Ban Cho Kaladi village about 10pm.

Mr Tuanpeng is alleged to be a bomb maker. 

The also seized as evidence three mobile phones and a motorcycle modified to be fitted with a bomb.

Mr Tuanpeng was wanted under two warrants.  The first is for alleged involvement in a clash with a government force in Huyong Su-ngae area in tambon Baro of Yala's Yaha district on Sept 8, 2016,  The other is in connection with the robbery of guns belonging to the chief of Tapo village in tambon La-ae of Yaha district on Oct 21, 2016.

Mr Tuanpeng faces charges of assembly of arms and men in preparation for terrorist activities, bomb making, illegally carrying and using guns in public, and attempted murder.

He is believed to be a member of an RKK separatist group led by Saudi Satapo that operates in Yaha, Kabang, Krongpinang and Bannang Sata districts of Yala.

Mr Tuanpeng was initially taken to Southern Border Provinces Police Operation office, Yaha police station.

He was to be later transferred for questioning at the 41st Ranger Regiment headquarters in tambon Wang Phaya of Raman district.

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