10 Good Deeds You Can Do without (Almost) Killing a Turtle

A sea turtle, nicknamed Omsin (piggy bank), recently underwent a seven-hour surgery to remove 915 coins weighing about 5kg from her stomach. How did these coins find their way into Nong Omsin's stomach in the first place, I hear you ask? Well, apparently people dropped coins into the well this turtle lived in, believing they were "making merit" and would get lucky. This just shows how reckless people can be when it comes to what they perceive to be a "good deed". How on earth is practically feeding a turtle with indigestible pieces of metal considered to be a good or even sound action?

This Omsin episode got me thinking about the many good deeds you can do to get closer to Nirvana that also won't accidentally harm anyone. Here are 10 everyday ways you can do good.

1. When you're about to go into your office building and you notice someone's running after you with both hands occupied, kindly hold the door and let the person go in first.

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