Seven struggles only Bangkokians understand

Living in Bangkok comes with its beauties and bummers (Beauty and the Beast pun intended). Besides the congested roads we're painfully aware of, as well as being rejected by taxi drivers on a regular basis, there are other minor struggles that one comes across while living in the City of Angels. Don't despair, dear readers. I'm here to tell you that you're not alone and that we can commiserate with each other in a light-hearted manner. Because, you know, a problem shared is a problem halved. Here are seven struggles only Bangkokians understand.

You brave a no-air-con BMTA ride on an empty stomach with bags of curry in hand. Your stomach is growling by the time you are back at home and you're about to faint from the lack of oxygen and food. But before you can eat your much-deserved green curry, you'll have to untie all of the rubber bands that are tightly securing your food inside those clear plastic bags. Getting prik nampla out of that tiny bag will always leave your fingers smelling fishy too. Ugh.

You ALWAYS get lost inside a giant mall despite the countless times you've been there. You're not to blame really since a shopping complex these days is comprised of many parts and venues that no ordinary human could memorise. I'm not complaining about their sizes though. They feel like an air-conditioned maze one is happy to get lost in all day. Well, that is, until you really need to take nature's call or find a counter to get a parking stamp. Also, getting back to your car proves to be a challenge because you may no longer comprehend where you are in relation to the parking space anymore after all those hours spent on your shopping spree. #firstworldproblems.

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