A poetic city getaway

Get a good dose of lit at The Raweekanlaya Bangkok

Photos courtesy of The Raweekanlaya Bangkok

You're a hard-working city dweller who doesn't have time to drive two hours out of Bangkok to get that much deserved rest and relaxation you're craving. You probably haven't even realised you need to take a break; all those long nights at the office have just morphed into one long humdrum existence. You've also probably completely forgotten the meaning of wellness. Well, if you have, please, let Guru remind you.

We were super excited when The Raweekanlaya Bangkok opened its regal doors to the public in February. Located in the historic old quarters of Bangkok, the hotel was originally constructed in the 1800s as the residence for His Majesty King Vajiravudh's (King Rama VI) royal governess. She, along with other high-ranking governesses of the time, stayed in this beautiful abode. Touched up with beautifully painted olive green walls, contemporary fixtures and a small saltwater pool, the building has now been restored to replicate its 19th century origins but also to keep up with the times. Walking through the property, you'll notice beautiful paintings drawn onto the walls by students of Silpakorn University that reflect the heritage of old Siam.

King Rama VI went down in history as one of Thailand's most prolific and gifted writers. He harboured a huge appreciation for other writers of the time, himself translating many of the great works of literature into Thai. The Raweekanlaya has really taken this into consideration with the interior design of all its 38 rooms. On the walls of each of the rooms you'll find a poem written in Thai, penned either by the king himself, one of Thailand's supreme patriarchs, or a translation of Shakespeare. Reading lines from The Merchant of Venice, verses by Thailand's past supreme patriarchs and absolutely soul-awakening poetry from King Rama VI is thus something that can be expected during your stay. A copy of one of the greatest poetic Thai plays, Enau, is also placed on your bedside table, bringing you into closer contact with the tale that has shaped so much of Thai folk-history. Reading lines of poetry and prose by such great writers has the power to help you disassociate from any present worries you may have and to draw into your ken new light.

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